Property Investing. For Everyone.

APW offers a hands-off approach to property investment for investors and expatriates around the world.
We are UK property specialists, making the UK property market accessible around the globe. We offer a stress free, end-to-end approach to buying property and the quickest possible route to property ownership.

What Does APW Provide?

Experience, Knowledge and Trust. We keep our core values at hand in all that we do, creating a unique property journey for clients and partners alike.

Why Invest In UK Property?

The UK property market is one of the oldest and strongest in the world, offering high returns and protection for buyers.

APW Investor Education

We give you the tools you need to make informed property decisions. Find out where and how to buy for maximum yield and capital appreciation.

The team at APW are very hands on. I bought my second investment property through them, they manage the whole process, so I just leave them too it.

Angus EvansSingapore

The Birmingham property I Purchased two years ago, achieved 46% capital appreciation by the time the build had complete. One of the best financial decision I have ever made.

Tomos PowellUnited Kingdom

I was introduced to APW by a friend who bought a property through them. I am 57 an thought that it would be tough to add property income before age 65. The guys showed me how I could purchase mortgage free, and fully own the property by 64. Giving me a planned income of GBP10k per annum in 7 years.

Andrew DMuscat

Bought an off plan property a year ago and struggled to get a mortgage. APW managed to get me a competitive rate, and arrange the mortgage on the remaining 65% owing. Thanks.

Adel EBahrain

A French farmhouse restoration in Bordeaux had always been high on my bucket list. Thanks for helping me source this.

Greg MMalaysia


High yield, cash flow positive properties with a focus on debt clearing.
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