APW Developments is our new partnership with UK Property Developers.

Combine APW’s knowledge of the expatriate marketplace with the on-the-ground experience of leading UK property developers, all of whom have a solid track record of performance in the property development space.

APW Developments is a natural partnership that delivers a refined, premium property product offering to expatriate investors all across the globe.

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Value for Investors

APW have been working with expatriates in Asia and the Middle East for 30 years. This puts us in an ideal position to understand and advise on what we know works, what doesn’t – and what our clients really want when it comes to starting or building a portfolio from overseas.

Simplicity, Knowledge and Trust

We draw on our experience of working with expatriates to ensure a smooth, and hands-off approach to purchasing property. We partner with developers that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality UK property developments to the overseas market.

Together we have 45 years of experience and knowledge. A valuable asset.

Why choose APW Developments?

Many of the properties on the market do not meet the needs of expatriate investors – although you will find that some sellers don’t want to advertise this too loudly. We decided to put our knowledge and expertise to work and create an offering that we can proudly stand behind.


What are the key points we look at when assessing a development?

When it comes to buy to let, it’s important to get the basics right. This involves first deciding why you are buying and what your goal for buying is.

Is it to have another source of income, is it for the property to rise in value us much as possible, is it for a home to live in?

What principles do you use to select property investment opportunities?

We use PIE: Population, Infrastructure and Employment as a guide. If a location has all of these things, then it’s got the foundations of being a good buy. Finally, it’s important to differentiate between head and heart. We’ll take the emotion out of it and lay the numbers bare.

What makes a good Buy to Let?

Look for 5.8% to 6% rental yield as a minimum. With property, when buying as an investment it is important to differentiate between head and heart. Buy with the head, do the facts and figures stack up? Does it make sense financially? When buying for investment, it doesn’t need to be beautiful, it just needs to create an income and ‘wash its face’.

The idea is to buy in a high capital-growth area: buy as an investment and allow the growth and the tenant to pay down the mortgage for you. With a 6% yield, this will happen in 15-16 years. In 10 years’ time you could re-mortgage and take out equity for further purchases, if you wished.

Inflation and the tenant are your friends. The former erodes your debt away, whilst the second pays off your loan. We do not believe that buying property and selling quickly works that well in a mature market where there are many buyers trying to do the same. Our approach would be to try and maximise costs efficiency in all areas of the transaction, not just the “flip”.

How can we be sure of achieving the above?

Because we operate on a small scale and our developers look to provide much-needed housing relative to the population and demographics.

Small scale in relation to population

 Proximity to transport

Employment centres and a need for housing

Value for money in relation to other properties of the same size and specification

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