UK Property Investment

Buy to Let property investment is a straightforward and profitable way to enter the world of real estate investing.

It’s a clever way to increase the value of your asset beyond your initial investment. It is ideal for those who are planning ahead.

Why a Buy to Let is in a Class of Its Own

Simplicity Wins:
Buy To Let property is simple to understand: it’s more straightforward than other investments like gold or stocks.

It gives you a dependable income and it’s yours – for life.

Capital Appreciation:
Buy your property in the right place – where there are good transport links, employment and population–and the value of your asset will go up over time, great news for those thinking ahead.

Consistency is Key:
The financial returns from property – in the long run – are generally strong and consistent, when compared to other kinds of investments.

Making Dreams Happen:
Many people aspire to own property: we’ve seen our parents and grandparents do it, and the concept is simple. We demystify the process for expats and those working internationally, allowing you to access the strong UK property market.

Learn About the UK Property Market in 15 Minutes

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How APW Approaches Property Investment

For each and every client, APW follows a simple four step process with the APW PROCESS

APW will help you examine your goals and current situation carefully. Then we’ll work with you to identify what is required. Whether that be income in retirement, or additional income now.

We will search for UK property opportunities that meet your requirements and goals. In most cases, these will be buy to let properties from trusted developers.

The purchase process itself is straightforward, and there are various payment plans possible. We will provide referrals to UK conveyancing teams to enable frictionless transactions.

After purchase, we will endeavour to maintain a working relationship with our clients to help keep their portfolios under review. Each client has a designated Client Servicing Manager. We guide with re-balancing, as and when required, to enable you to meet your property goals.

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