Hoxton Press – Hoxton – N1

GBP 640,000 | 3.2% R.O.I.

Location: Hoxton, London

Located on the edge of zone 1 and 2 this high end development is just a short walk away from the tech hub of London – Old Street. The development overlooks Shoreditch Park and is only 50 meters from a London canal. Efficient links to Underground, Crossrail and Overground also available.

Property For Pension

Property is an excellent investment for retirement. Providing income for life.

Investor Safeguards

Including a builder’s warranty on all new build property, plus ‘step over’ insurance. You are protected.

Flexible Payment Plans

Purchase property without the need for a large deposit – build this up on a monthly basis.

Tenancy Assurances

Our properties are in areas of high demand with high rental yield. This should not make tenancy a problem.

Capital Appreciation

In the long term, property prices always rise. With some areas of the UK forecasted to grow by 30-40% in the next five years.

No Large Sum Deposits

Our payment plans generally only ask for a small sum at outset, and then 24 installments to reach the final balance.

Join hundreds of investors in receiving regular returns, knowing that your money is safe in a ‘bricks and mortar’ asset that will pay you income for life.