Steel House

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GBP 314,950 | 4.50% R.O.I.

Location: Slough, London

Steel House is located in the heart of Slough, just five minutes from Slough train station. With the new Elizabeth Line starting from December 2019, London key locations such as Canary Wharf, Bond Strt, Liverpool Strt, Heathrow etc will be easily accessible from Slough..

Property For Pension

Property is an excellent investment for retirement. Providing income for life.

Investor Safeguards

Including a builder’s warranty on all new build property, plus ‘step over’ insurance. You are protected.

Flexible Payment Plans

Purchase property without the need for a large deposit – build this up on a monthly basis.

Tenancy Assurances

Our properties are in areas of high demand with high rental yield. This should not make tenancy a problem.

Capital Appreciation

In the long term, property prices always rise. With some areas of the UK forecasted to grow by 30-40% in the next five years.

No Large Sum Deposits

Our payment plans generally only ask for a small sum at outset, and then 24 installments to reach the final balance.

Join hundreds of investors in receiving regular returns, knowing that your money is safe in a ‘bricks and mortar’ asset that will pay you income for life.
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